Using Goodreads on the Kindle Paperwhite eReader

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kindlepaperwhiteThe Amazon Kindle Paperwhite is arguably the most versatile and popular eReader in the mobile marketplace. And as a social network for readers and book lovers, Goodreads is the premier name, recently reaching over 20 million users. Those two popular software and hardware reading dynamos have reached an agreement, and that means that your new Kindle Paperwhite now supports the addictive Goodreads website and application for book lovers.

The Kindle PaperWhite can be purchased for immediate shipment starting at just $119.

Imagine Goodreads as a massive virtual library that allows you access to anyone else’s bookshelves, as well as their book reviews and ratings they gave to what they read. You can of course leave your own reviews and ratings, and list on your virtual bookshelf the books you have read in the past, those titles you are reading now and the ones you wish to read in the future. There are reading discussion groups, you can join or start a book club, contact authors and even publish your own writing. The application is ready to go out-of-the-box on the new Kindle Paperwhite, which you power up by pressing the button on the bottom of the device.

This year’s model delivers brighter backlighting, which has been spread across the display in a much more even distribution. You can easily read on the Kindle Paperwhite without requiring an additional light source, and the Amazon eReader has received critical praise by many industry analysts as the best all-around eReader available. A full eight weeks of battery life is available after a complete charge, and after the device is powered up, simply tap the “G” in the top navigation bar on your Kindle Paperwhite eReader.

You then log into your Goodreads account via your Facebook profile, or use your Goodreads user name and password. Tap on your profile picture located near the top right of your screen, and you will see the listing of books that you have already added. If you have purchased books from Amazon, you can simply tap the “Add Amazon Books” button to automatically include in your Goodreads account every book you have ever purchased from the online retailing kingpin.

By tapping the stars located to the right of a title, you can rate your books, and this actually helps the Goodreads suggestion engine offer up to book titles you will love. Search communities, meet fellow readers with common interests in discussion groups, and effectively use your Kindle Paperwhite eReader as an endless virtual library for all your books past, present and future. The Kindle Paperwhite eReader is currently available from Amazon in standard and 3G versions. The Kindle PaperWhite can be purchased online for immediate shipment starting at just $119.

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