Kindle Paperwhite eReader Holiday Specs Check

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kindlepaperwhiteWith every new tablet or eReader that Amazon designs, the company delivers better performance and a more attractive overall experience. This is true for the 2013 Kindle Paperwhite, which offers “higher contrast and better reflectivity” and makes for a more natural reading experience. Amazon has also increased the brightness of the display, and included a next generation built-in light that allows you to read comfortably without eyestrain.

The Kindle PaperWhite can be purchased for immediate shipment starting at just $119.

The processor on board is approximately 25% faster than the previous Paperwhite model, which delivers quicker page turns and a more efficient user interface. Amazon has worked to improve the touch screen technology, so that this new Kindle Paperwhite responds more accurately to even the smallest touches of your fingers, and a 19% tighter touch grid is the result. Overall the device is faster, lighter and delivers more intelligent features than most dedicated eReaders.

Amazon has included a special Kindle Page Flip feature which automatically bookmarks your location but still allows you to skip ahead by a page, scan through a chapter or move to the end of a book without losing your place. Smart Lookup is a new feature which integrates a full dictionary with X-Ray and Wikipedia, giving you access to tons of information regarding a character, place or event you are reading about with a single tap. The new Vocabulary Builder turns the Kindle Paperwhite into an educational device, automatically adding any words which you look up to an easy to access list, even allowing you to quiz yourself in flash card style.

Two new applications which have hit the 2013 model of Amazon’s Kindle Paperwhite include Kindle FreeTime and Goodreads integration. Goodreads is the largest virtual reading social network, with over 20 million members. You can share your opinions, quotes and passages from books you have read on your Paperwhite, and rate the books you are reading by accessing this application.

And the Amazon Kindle FreeTime application is something that every parent will love. On the Kindle Paperwhite, FreeTime awards younger readers with achievements and rewards when they reach different preset reading levels which you as a parent can customize. The 6.0 inch display offers a pixel density of 212 pixels per inch, and readability in direct sunlight and bright light have both been improved drastically. The Kindle Paperwhite delivers free cloud storage for all material purchased through Amazon, and while the overall dimensions of this new Kindle Paperwhite are the same as the previous model, overall the device is lighter. The Kindle PaperWhite can be purchased online for immediate shipment starting at just $119.

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