Kindle Paperwhite eReader Review and Features Checkup

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kindlepaperwhiteIt seems like only yesterday that Amazon released the Kindle eReader. Delivered at prices which made other eReading, tablet-like devices overpriced and delivering fewer features, the Kindle became the King of the eReading marketplace immediately. That has continued through succeeding generations of the device, with the Kindle Paperwhite currently receiving industry praise from multiple analysts and industry websites as the best eReader currently offered by any manufacturer.

The Kindle PaperWhite can be purchased for immediate shipment starting at just $119.

Amazon also has content locked up, as its e-book empire is unmatched in scope and quality, delivering access to 1.7 million titles which cost $9.99 or less, and over 1 million titles priced at $4.99 or less. The Kindle Paperwhite improves performance all around, while also offering 400,000 Kindle exclusives found nowhere else online, free book samples offered every month, and thousands of free e-book downloads in the public domain of classic literature titles.

This new version of the Kindle Paperwhite produces absolutely zero screen glare in bright sunlight, and needs no external light source for reading in pitch black darkness. The battery can hold a charge for weeks, and the new next-generation built-in light more effectively delivers even coverage over the entire display than the previous model did. Amazon also created this year’s Kindle Paperwhite in an extremely light design as it weighs 30% lighter than the iPad Mini, making easy reading with one hand possible for extended periods of time.

The new display technology that Amazon has designed the Kindle Paperwhite with provides higher contrast, whiter whites and blacker blacks than other eReaders, and the new processor delivers 25% faster page turns. Better touch technology has also been ramped up by 19%, and the Kindle Page Flip feature allows you to scan by chapter, skim through any selection page by page, or skip to the end of a book without losing your place. There is also a vocabulary builder on board, as well as GoodReads integration, giving you access to over 20 million other readers with similar interests.

Also, although the Kindle Paperwhite is extremely low priced in comparison to many other eReaders and promotes multiple purchases, one unit can be shared among several family members. This is due to the multiple profile setup and flexible Kindle FreeTime feature, which allows you to create reading goals for your children that they must reach before they are able to access noneducational e-books and content. The Kindle Paperwhite also delivers an X-Ray feature that allows you to see all the data in any e-book that contains relevant information, historical and fictional figures and places or topics of interest pertinent to a character name or keyword. The Kindle PaperWhite can be purchased online for immediate shipment starting at just $119.

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