HTC One X Android update could be cancelled

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htconexRecently, Samsung had to put a stop to the idea that it was going to update the Galaxy S2, even though it mentioned that it would be no problem right after the Android Jelly Bean 4.1 update hit the airwaves. The Samsung Galaxy S2 is an older handset and according to reports, it was not able to handle the update along with the updated TouchWiz user interface at the same time. Now that those that still have that device are grumbling their way through another day, it looks like they are not the only ones about to be disappointed.

Those that have the HTC One X might want to listen up as they could be dealing with the same fate in the end. According to HTC, the One X Android 4.2.2 update should be hitting the smartphone on at least one carrier by the end of July, but that time has come and according to one online source, the update was sent back to HTC without any explanation. The Android 4.2.2 update was also going to come with the HTC Sense 5 user interface, but there is no indication that is part of the problem.

The update to HTC Sense 5 was officially announced back in February of this year with many expecting to see it sometime this summer. HTC has a couple of months before fall, so there is a chance we could see the update come back, but for now it has hit a roadblock. Getting a smartphone updated with the latest version of your operating system is like Christmas for most people, especially if you have an older smartphone as they are typically left out so consumers will upgrade to the next model. The setup back could push the update out a couple weeks, or it could get it cancelled altogether.

The report claims that HTC has been working with the mobile carrier and the developer teams to get the problem fixed, which could mean a whole new piece of software. Just because one carrier is having issues with the update, does not mean that all of the versions of the HTC One X will be affected. Nothing has been announced regarding other mobile carriers, but that could change in the future. Future updates for the HTC One XL and One X have not been mentioned at this time.

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