Android 2.3.5 update for HTC Wildfire S and other updates

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Updates for Android devices have been rolling out little by little in recent days and the latest one is from HTC for the Wildfire S.  HTC is getting updates ready for many of their smartphones and the Wildfire S is getting the Android 2.3.5 update.  The Android update for HTC Wildfire S will not include the HTC Sense 3.0, however, which also goes for the HTC Facebook ChaCha smartphone.  In addition to the handsets getting the Android update, the Incredible S and the Desire HD will be upgraded to the HTC Sense 3.0 user interface.

HTC has not released the exact change log for the update, but users that have already updated their Wildfire S smartphones say that known issues with unlocking and answering phone calls seem to be fixed.  News about what markets are getting, or already received, the update was not available, so the easiest thing for customers to do is keep an eye on your phone for the update notification.  As always, users should backup their files even though the update is not supposed to change any of them during the process.  In case something goes wrong with your update, at least your backup files are safe and reloadable.

The updated version of Android is going to come over-the-air, meaning you will not be downloading it manually to your phone.  As the waves of updates are sent out you should seen a notification on your phone, at that time you can start the process.  HTC is one of the few companies that is moving updates along in a timely manner and really isn’t getting many complaints from HTC users.  Other updates from HTC hit for the Amaze 4G and the Samsung Galaxy S II smartphones.

Most of the updates were to improve on the performance of the phone, the battery life efficiency, or to add features like Wi-Fi calling.  The HTC Sense 3.0 seems to be a very popular user interface with few bugs that have customers complaining.  Some smartphones get updates with over 500 bug fixes like the latest Windows Phone Mango update that was released by Microsoft.  If the updates go out and can be installed with little to now issues for the customer, the handset maker is doing something right.

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9 Responses

  1. One thing that I have noticed so far with this update is the new ‘ring’ unlock screen.

  2. Also access to the new Market layout.

  3. Where are you guys from because im in the UK and i havent found an update.

  4. Im in the UK, had the notification yesterday.

  5. I have the wildfire s and yes the new thing is the ring unlock and the phone is much smoother. although I did have my own little work around for the lock screen and buttons locking….using livewallpapers, never locked up while using them.

  6. does anyone know when its gonna come out on T-Mobile UK?

  7. I have the wildfire s. I’m in Taiwan.I also haven’t found an update.Can you tell me when will it updates.

  8. Still no updates in the UK on the Network3.
    It a shame, the situation was the the same with my other HTC and the 2.2 version.
    I had to wait for months to get it. Even in the smallest contries in Asia had had the updates when I got it. Shame

  9. update htc wild fire s

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