Samsung Galaxy S4 getting updated to Android 4.3 Jelly Bean soon

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gs4Over the last couple of months there have been rumors regarding when certain handsets will be getting updated with latest version of the Android operating system.  Many of the higher end smartphones on the market get updated rather quickly compared to a handset that is even just one year old.  The Samsung Galaxy S4 is one that has been waiting a little while for the update, but according to reports, the software update is about to be released.  Samsung has not confirmed the update yet, but there is plenty of information pointing to the fact that it will happen in October.

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When Samsung finally revealed the Galaxy Note 3 earlier this month, the company also sort of confirmed that the Galaxy S4 was going to be getting updated with the latest operating system.  The updates, according to Samsung were needed to become compatible with the Galaxy Gear smartwatch and they were going to be sent out to the Galaxy S3, S4 and the Note 2 users in a short time.  The Galaxy Gear smartwatch is a Bluetooth enabled accessory and according to the change log, Android 4.3 brings support for Bluetooth LE.

Because the new accessory from Samsung utilizes that feature, it only makes sense that the company gets the software on as many devices as it can.  The rumors were backing up the timing for the release and according to reports, a major mobile carrier overseas has confirmed the update on its network.  The mobile carrier, SFR in France, has posted an expected timeline online that clearly shows when devices are going to be expecting to see the new software.  The updates are scheduled for October and the list includes the HTC One, Galaxy S3, S4 and Galaxy Note 2.

The only device that might not see the update within the month of October would be the Galaxy Note 2, which could arrive as late as December, according to the company’s timeline.  Typically, updates are sent out to other regions of the country before they arrive in the United States, so it is expected the news will surface soon regarding when you could see the update notification in October.  The update is also getting sent out to a couple older devices which is nice.  This will be the first update for the Galaxy S4 since it was launched back in April of this year.

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