Apple iPhone users still complaining about iOS 7.0.4

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ios7.0.4Apple released the fourth round of bug fixes for the iOS 7 software earlier this month.  Those that have the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch were able to get their devices updated to iOSS 7.0.4 and for the most part, many thought it would fix the lingering problems that have come since iOS 7 was released.  According to reports, that does not seem to be the case as more consumers are still complaining about the update.  Even though the complaints were not as frequent, there are still a few that can be heard when listening carefully.

The iOS 7 software brought a bunch of new features along with it and a now popular design to the overall user interface.  Those that have the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch have experienced plenty of good things as well, but it is always the complaints that ring a little louder throughout the mobile world.  Almost immediately after Apple released the iOS 7, two small updates were issued.  The iOS 7.0.1 and 7.0.2 updates were quickly dispatched to take care of a couple small bugs, but soon brought more issues to the table according to reports.

One of the main issues was with iMessage.  A major bug disabled the application and users were forced to use the regular text messaging system through their phone instead.  That bug was reportedly going to be fixed when Apple released the iOS 7.0.3 update and that caused those with an iPad or iPod Touch to ask for another fix to all of the issues.  Apple took its time and got the iOS 7.0.4 update to users a few weeks later and that took care of an issue that users were having with the FaceTime application.  Typically, the change log for iOS updates do not reflect all of the issues that are fixed.

After the iOS 7.0.4 update showed up, a number of users were complaining about issues that many were confirming on their own devices and that included the new iPad Mini with Retina Display.  The main thing is that the issues from iOS 7.0.3 seemed to have carried over into the latest software.  Random reboots and Wi-Fi connection issues have been the main topic of discussion.  Other issues like broken email accounts, touch screen issues and other lag problems have also been popping up lately.

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13 Responses

  1. It is shocking to see such simple bugs on my iphone 4
    -Safari crashes with no warning
    -the touchscreen commands do not respond
    -super clumsy UI. They moved things around but really makes no sense. What used to be swipe right is now swipe left or swipe top
    -do not upgrade

  2. Don’t upgrade to 7.0.4. My mini hung at installation, and now only makes a noise when I plug in the recharger. It does nothing else. I’d completely dead.

  3. My wifi will not connect !! Didn’t have this problem until I did the update. Please fix.

  4. I have a problem with my camera! I am unable to use the video mode of my camera after downloading the latest version of my ios (or may be earlier than than that, I don’t know). Could you, or anyone else, tell me why? I need an instant (and urgent) answer via my email, if possible.

  5. I upgraded my IPhone 4s and I lost about 1/4 of my contacts, those with just a first name, and my screen no longer rotates. Unacceptable

  6. I inns update my ipod 4 to ios 7

  7. I have the iPhone 5, and since switching to iOS7, the phone seems slower. I find the “touch screen” isn’t as responsive as it used to be. I have to press most icons twice to open an app. My phone rarely switches to iMessage anymore. Also, the individual App updates (podcast, mostly) now follows the same bland, boring, unimpressive, flat appearance of iOS7. There is really only iTunes left to distinguish between Apple and Android. Other than that, there really aren’t many features exclusive to Apple anymore. The design is very “Android”- which I always believed to be a “kiddy” version of the iPhone. Now, I too have the Kiddy Phone, and Apple refuses to do anything to improve this.

  8. did update,now phone locked up with itunes icon on screen and plug with arrow pointing up,this sux

  9. Listen folks I may have some answers to your problems. The camera video mode works fine all you have to do is figure out how to make it work and you have to only swipe up or down get into video or square mode. We’ll I actually only have one answer and my iPad 2 works absolutely fine on iOS 7.0.4 firmware. I send this message to you via my iPad 2 . If your iPad got hung you must have dropped it during installation of the iOS 7.0.4 firmware.

  10. Sadly, the awful eye-straining, glaring ios 7 design has not been fixed. When is Apple going to listen to a significant number of its customers and release a design fix that is legible, has color rather than sterility, and/or allows unhappy customers to return to the ios 6 (and previous) interfaces which we bought?

    It is sad to see looks marketed instead of functionality. This ios 7 mess is forcing formerly great apps to be changed to illegible ones every day. I deleted another two “updated” apps today I formerly used daily. If Apple does not release a fix by January I’m putting away my formerly much loved iPhone for a Samsung Galaxy phone.

  11. iphone 5 on 7.0.4 and in a week no longer have emails coming to my phone, romps through the battery & in a week has used all my data allowance (I never use any where near my monthly plan allowance) …have not used it any differently so don’t understand. Same update to hubby’s iphone 4S and he has no problems…Apple please fix this ASAP.

  12. With iOS 7.0.4 I on my iphone 5 I lost MMS. Photos cannot be sent in iMessage and Facetime doesn’t work. My internet provider is Strait Talk and I have configured the settings exactly as required. My internet provider claims that this problem came with the 7.0.4 iOS upgrade. My only hoped is that Apple will address this problem.

  13. Updated my iPhone 4 to IOS 7.0.4 yesterday and can no longer use iMessage despite being at home on my wifi.

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