Apple iOS 7.1 coming very soon according to reports

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ios7.1Just about the first day that the new iOS 7 software hit the Apple devices on the market, users were finding bugs related to the software.  That got Apple going into bug fix mode and shortly after the initial release iOS 7.0.1 was released.  Now those that have the iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C and other iOS 7 powered devices are looking ahead to iOS 7.1 and what that might bring them.  According to reports, iOS 7.1 beta 3 has been released to developers to check over and that is usually one of the last steps before it is sent out to the public sector.

The first beta for iOS 7.1 was released back in November and that lasted through December and that was when Apple brought the iOS 7.1 beta 2 version was sent out.  The third version of the beta software was sent out for developers to check out and that is for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users.  As far as what the new software will bring, that is not known right now, but over the next couple weeks developers will start to talk and that is when more will be known.

Typically, beta releases are not talked about all that much unless the new software will be bringing new features to the devices, but the odds are better that it will be for fixing the bugs that showed up from the last update.  Just like with any other device update, those that have the iPhone, iPad and the iPod Touch cannot wait another minute longer to get the new software.  Temporary fixes for issues like rebooting have been issued, but some are still reporting issues with that on their iPhone 5S. Those that have the iPad loaded with iOS 7 have been reporting issues as well.

The iPad user interfrace lagging issues that some are reporting might not be addressed this time around as Apple said the iOS 7.1 is geared more towards performance. That does not mean that the performance issues will not help the lag issues, but nothing is guaranteed at this point.  Some reports claims that thte iOS 7.1 will include faster animations, more visible sections for the TouchID and Passcode settings, plus new animations for the Control Center.  The iOS for the Car feature might also be included, at least some users are hoping it will be.

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