Apple iOS 7.0.3 update still causing problems for iPhone and iPad users

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ios7.0.3Apple just released its seventh version of the iOS software and over the last month, it has been nothing but problems for those that downloaded it.  Almost immediately after the company released the iOS 7 software, they were testing the 7.0.1 and 7.0.2 versions that were going to bring bug fixes and other enhancements.  Once those had the iOS 7.0.2 downloaded and installed, other problems started and Apple was forced to release a 7.0.3 software update, just days after the major release of its new operating system.

Even though the iOS 7.0.3 comes with several improvements for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users, some are still complaining that some things were not fixed, while new problems came along with it.  According to the changelog, the update should fix a problem with iMessage, issues with the lock screen, fixes the accelerometer calibration issue and improved stability of other applications on your device.  The main issue that users were complaining about did not come from the installation of the software, in fact, they never were able to install it due to issues while trying to download it via over-the-air instructions.

It appears that if you have the iPhone  5S or the iPhone 4S, the over-the-air download should have gone just fine, but those that have the iPhone 5, iPad 3, iPad 2, were not able to download the update via over-the-air, giving them only one option to download the update via the iTunes store.  Many hit the Twitterverse to voice their concerns and to see if anyone else was having the same issues.  The problems did not seem to stick to just one region as those from the United Kingdom were reporting the same issues that some announced in the United States.

Apple has not commented on the issue at this time and if you cannot wait for the fix, you will just have to download and install the updated software from the iTunes store, which is not that big of deal unless you do not have a computer.  These issues are not going to be as bad as those that came along with the iOS 7 download, but not being able to update your device to get rid of bugs is very frustrating for users.  This also makes installing any jailbreak something that should be waited for.

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3 Responses

  1. I have an iPad and I upgraded without a problem over-the-air. The only strange thing was I had to first upgrade to 6.1.3. iOS 7 on my iPhone 4s has become very unstable. It was fine for the first week. After that for a few days I kept getting random lock ups and resets, but only in the late evening. I was thinking it was related to the auto upgrade system. Once I upgraded to 7.0.2 it was ok for another week or so, until I had another lock up / reset, and then once more the following week. Yesterday Apple released the 7.0.3, from early this morning my phone has been locking up / reseting all day. According to Software Update I needed 1.2GB to install it, but I have 650MB. Strangely enough the upgrade seems to be going ahead regardless. I’m left wondering if the lock ups are being caused by the system upgrades, (forced updates).

  2. after the update, my phone ask about my wifi and for me to enter my password , I did and it has stuck(frozen on this page)I cant go anywhere,what do I do?

  3. I updated with the 7.03 yesterday. Since then, I cannot receive texts, iMessage will not activate, and almost every app I open has a popup that states “Connect to iTunes to use push notifications.” I’ve connected to iTunes and tried multiple times to activate iMessage, but it still does not work. I’m going to fire Apple as my phone very soon.

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