More iOS 7 problems for iPhone and iPad users

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ios7newOne of the first bugs that was found in the new iOS 7 software from Apple was found last week and repaired rather quickly, it seems that according to users, that was not the only thing wrong with the software.  The first bug was in fact a security issue, which will raise plenty of attention and garner an immediate response from Apple, which allowed users to bypass the pass code lock screen after downloading and installing the iOS 7 update.  The fix was an update smaller than 20MB and it was sent out days after the initial complaints.

Apple quickly sent out iOS 7.0.2 to fix the bugs and now it appears that some users are experiencing issues with battery life, Wi-Fi connections, Bluetooth accessories and more.  Apple promised that iOS 7 was going to be the biggest software update since the first iPhone hit the market and for some, it has been a very good experience, but for others, the update has only caused problems.  Because Apple does not offer a chance to revert back to the older software, many users are stuck with what they have until the company gets another update ready.

The iOS 7 software was released for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch back on September 18th and it was that night that many updated their devices with hopes of seeing a new design and more features, but were met with issues right away.  Right away many users noted that they had issues even downloading the software, which caused the update to halt in error.  After finally getting the software installed, users complained of battery drain issues almost immediately.  Many were explaining that the battery life was not that bad while running iOS 6, but battery drain is not likely to be the top of the list for Apple.

If the issue is a major one and causing major issues for users, Apple will move to fix it right away.  Some users have posted ways to increase your battery life, but they do not work for everyone.  A hard reset is one solution that could work for some.  Wi-Fi connection issues have popped up a little here and there since iOS 6, so users are getting familiar with that, but it appears that there not fixed in the new iOS 7.  Two updates have already been sent out, so it will only be a matter of time before another gets released.

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3 Responses

  1. Both me and my husband have run into problems downloading this software into our IPAD. The issue is the numerical password for security. It somehow disabled my husbands IPAD and we had to get it reset at the Apple store. I downloaded the software into mine, and for a few times the password worked and then, you guessed it it is now disabled. There seems to be some kind of glitch in the new Apple software for this to happen to both of us. Furthermore, I have photos on mine, and when they reset it all of your data disappears. Wish I never would have downloaded it.

  2. I usually play music at work on my ipad. the battery used to last for 2 days before I would have to recharge; now it doesn’t even last from 9:00am -5:30pm. :(

  3. Huge issues with my network stability and also wifi connection. My iphone 4s worked perfectly upto the update, now i cant even use it as it does not maintain a signal long enough. phone is checked and hardware is not to blame, also done a sim swap. Extremely dissapointed and frustrated. Be interested to hear if anyone else is having the same problem, we should be able to sue apple for disabling our rather expensive handsets with this apauling update.

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