Motorola Moto Maker will be ready on the Verizon Wireless network next month

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motorolamotomakerThe Moto X has been released and for the most part the consumers that took to the new device are very excited to have a phone where they can customize the case color and more.  The service that is needed for customers to customize their new smartphone is called the Moto Maker and it will be available on the Verizon Wireless network starting next month.  As of right now it was not officially announced, but the information is coming from a reliable source, so subscribers on the network might as well get ready to see the service launch.

The Verizon Motorola Moto X is available at a reduced sale price starting at $99.99 at select online retailers.

Motorola has already announced that the service would be coming to other mobile carriers in the future, but they did not mention the dates that it would be ready on each network.  The AT&T network has had the service launched for a couple months now and at this point Verizon has only said that it would be “later this year”.  The Moto Maker was launched back in August of this year and it came with the Moto X after months of speculation and rumors.  The Moto X is available in both black and white options which is fine for some consumers, but other want to see other colors.

Users can choose from many colors for the battery cover, as well as a unique color for the trim of the phone and that includes the buttons.  This would be the first time that consumers are able to truly customize the exterior of their smartphone and it has been a very popular service to say the least.  Motorola bet that it could attract more attention with the service and at this point the service has been a hit.

Once the service is available on the Verizon Wireless network, there has been no word on whether current Moto X owners will be able to trade in their phones for a customized one, but that option is not very likely even with Verizon Wireless.  Those that already purchased the device will be stuck with the black or white one that they chose when they activated the phone.  The unofficial date for the release is the 11th of November, but because it is not official that could change everyday leading up to the actual activation day.

You can purchase the Verizon Motorola Moto X handset at a discounted price tag starting at $99.99.

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