Android KitKat shows up in another location

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androidkitkatGoogle has already announced the next version of the Android operating system would be called the KitKat and come with version number Android 4.4 when it is released late next month.  The new software will replace the already old Android 4.3 software that has been slowly making its way to Android powered smartphones and tablets all over the world.  Even though Google announced the co-branded KitKat operating system and launched a contest with Nestle, Google did not go into any further details about the new software and what consumers can expect when it arrives.

The new software is likely to show up on the next generation Nexus 5 next month and when it does, any Nexus branded device will be allowed to update the software, according to what Google has said in the past.  The official release date was also kept in the dark with the new features, so consumers are just going to have to wait to see what comes along.  Coming along with the new Nexus 5, will be the new Nexus 10 from ASUS, which is reportedly going to arrive with the new software as well.  Rumors have suggested that the release date could be the 14th of October.

For those that are excited to see what will be coming with the new software, will have to wait, but are getting teased by screenshots and other rumors along the way.  The latest KitKat sighting came via the Chrome bug tracker and this time it was for the Nexus 10 tablet.  The tablet build was KRS74B, which was the same build that was noticed earlier this month and is reportedly being used to work out some kinks that developers have noticed.  One of the most found glitches are a severe flickering while scrolling, but a fix has been reportedly worked out.

Finding the build running on the Nexus 10 brings a little confirmation that the tablet will be coming and with the latest software.  The original Nexus 10 is just a little less than one year old, so in terms of life cycle in the mobile world, it is about time to have it replaced.  Other devices that are reportedly going to be getting the Android 4.4 KitKat software include the Nexus 7, Nexus 4, Pantech Vega Iron.  Some users that have seen the interface, have reported that it uses a flatter look much like the new iOS 7 software released by Apple.

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