Windows Phone Poised To Gain More Marketshare If Current WP Handsets Get Windows Phone 8 Upgrade – Analysts

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Until now, Microsoft has failed to efficiently promote its products except for the Xbox platform. Though this is impacting Microsoft’s performance in the smartphone market and the current version of Windows Phone 7 may lack some features present in Android and iOS, the available features are still sufficient for a great user experience.

Windows Phone, launched in 2010, is a worthy alternative to the several smartphones in the market. The platform has matured significantly since its launch, especially with the Mango update in 2011. While Windows Phone hardware is being severely compared to iOS and Android devices, it is important to note that the outdated hardware that powers current Windows Phone devices does not in any way negatively impact the experience of using one.

Besides, Microsoft is already working on Windows Phone 8, which is expected to bring great hardware specs along with a number of refinements in the OS. Reviews of Windows Phone handsets clearly show that the hardware doesn’t limit the usability of the platform in any way; in fact, the Nokia Lumia 900 is currently the top ranked handset on Amazon and has been rated the ‘best buy’ by Consumer Reports.

Even though Windows Phone doesn’t enjoy a very high market share, Nokia is working hard on trying to increase their sales, simultaneously trying to resolve hardware and software issues, bringing in new services for Lumia and entering into partnerships with developers, all funded by Microsoft. The success of Windows Phone will benefit Microsoft on a long term basis, creating more jobs and inviting more investments.  Buy the award winning Nokia Lumia 900 Windows Phone starting at $39.

However, with the launch of Windows Phone 8 still pending, if Microsoft decides to offer this platform only to exclusive handsets, it will slow down the growth of the platform. Technically, second generation handsets like the Lumia 800, 710, 900, HTC Radar and a few others, if not all existing Windows Phones, should be offered the Windows Phone 8 OS. With most Windows Phone users buying Lumia devices and with the carrier contracts of those who own first generation phones coming to an end, this move will only help Microsoft. It’s however unclear why Microsoft would release new handsets under Windows Phone 7.5 which will anyway not be offered the 8 OS. If Microsoft does release handsets that add certain important features of WP 8 to current WP devices, it is looking at fragmentation.

In the end, Microsoft has only recently started picking up pace in the smartphone market and it will take them a fair amount of time to find their way around, but they still need to get basics like ensuring upgradability to Windows Phone 8 in order to ensure a happy user base.  Buy the award winning Nokia Lumia 900 Windows Phone starting at $39.

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2 Responses

  1. Windows may have a TON of new apps coming out, but their downfall is lack of personalization apps. Android Market offers apps that dims screen to below manufacture brightness default. This allows users to use phone in low lit areas WITHOUT straining eyes. Windows market offers useless apps and should consider offering some type of solution for this problem.

  2. lumia 710 how sensative are your eyes lol?
    As for the article I really dont see MS not upgrading there phones. Some low end devices and older phones will go down the low power route but that route still has updates. MS and Apple so far are only platforms that have a clear update path. Androids updates are a joke at best but more a total shambles with people being told one thing then anaother then waiting for months and months. MS so far has kept to there word about upgrades and so this constant worrying is nonesence in my eyes. Esp when the number 1 os is shockingly bad at it with new devices comming out already outdated i dont get why we all care so much about windows phones ability to. The OS is amazing slick and fast already updates rock but not the be all and end all.

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