Sales figure of Samsung Galaxy S III reach the 40 million mark

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As of the moment, one of the most powerful handsets you can get your hands on in the smartphone market is the Samsung Galaxy S III, the current flagship device of the Korean electronics giant. This, despite the fact that newer high-end devices from other manufacturers have already hit the shelves. in fact, the Samsung Galaxy S III has a very impressive resume with the fire-breathing components it has under the hood which in turn enables the handset to bring even more impressive capabilities to the table.

Because of the power it has in its internals matched by the gorgeous exterior it boasts of, the Samsung Galaxy S III went on and became one of the most popular handsets in 2012. In fact, such is the popularity of the handset that is now a veritable gold mine for Samsung. Come to think of it, in just six months since getting released back in May of last year, Samsung already managed to sell 30 million units of the Samsung Galaxy S III and the manufacturer managed to do so despite its loss to Apple in their high-profile patent trial and the release of the Apple iPhone 5.

Two months later, the sales figure of the Samsung Galaxy S III as expected is now higher than ever. According to Samsung, the sales figure of its flagship device has now breached the 40 million mark seven months after it hit the shelves last year. Doing the math, approximately 190,000 Samsung Galaxy S III handsets are sold on a daily basis.

This news comes in conjunction with the latest report from South Korea that Samsung has managed to sell 100 million units of line of Galaxy S devices (but this does not include sales figures of the Samsung Galaxy S III Mini just yet). Sales of the original Samsung Galaxy S released in 2010 reached 20 million while the once venerable Samsung Galaxy S II breached the 40 million mark in 20 months. Still, nothing beats the Samsung Galaxy S III which accounts for 40 million but it only took the handset 7 months to achieve what its predecessor attained in 20 months. This alone is already a testament to the popularity of the current Samsung flagship device. And until the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S IV gets released, we can only expect the sales of the Samsung Galaxy S III to increase further.

As for the Samsung Galaxy S III, the handset is already running Android 4.1 Jelly Bean for its operating system and this is powered by its QualComm MSM8960 SnapDragon chipset. This SoC comes with a dual-core 1.5 GHz Krait processor and a whopping 2GB of RAM which ensures that the performance of the handset is always snappy and buttery smooth. The handset can be had in a 16GB and a 32GB model in terms of storage capacity but it also comes with a dedicated microSD card slot for memory expansion purposes. As for its display, the Samsung Galaxy S III sports a massive 4.8-inch SuperAMOLED HD panel with a 1280 x 720 resolution while its dual-shooter configuration includes a rear 8MP shooter and a front 1.9MP snapper.

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