Nexus branded tablet rumors start to heat up

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nexus8If you were waiting around for the newest models to hit the market with the Nexus branding, you might not be waiting that much longer.  Most of the consumers that picked up the Nexus 7 from this year, or last year, will not be getting the either of the new versions, but that does not mean they are not talking about them.  The rumored Nexus 8 and Nexus 10 are still very real and this week marks one of the first in a while that rumors have started up again about the two devices.

Google is easily trying to take as much of the market share away from Apple that it can and by getting a couple more tablet options on the market, the company is off to a good start.  ASUS was the company that built the only two Nexus 7 models on the market and now it looks LG will be taking over building one of them while Samsung takes on the other model.  There is also a rumor that HTC could be getting into the mix here and be building one for Google.  Rumors reported via online sources last week indicated that Google could be getting ready to release the Nexus 8 as early as April.

Along with that rumor, there was another that stated that HTC was chosen by Google to build the next high end tablet, but there were no details given regarding the size or any other specs it might carry.  If HTC gets into the tablet game with Google it could help boost confidence that the company can do more than build decent smartphones.  This week, more rumors started up about the Nexus tablet program and the fact that one online source claims that HTC will be building a tablet that is going to replace the Nexus 10 from last year.

The Nexus 10 rumors were coming and going each month since October of last year, so this is nothing new.  During that entire time, Google has not confirmed or denied the new tablet was coming; it is just a matter of when the company is going to speak up.  The competition in the 7-inch market is very hot and that could be the reason companies are starting to think outside of that size.  If the new Nexus 8 is coming in April, the odds that Google speaks up are very good at this point.

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