Nexus 10 rumors flare up thanks to Google

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nexus10It has been a few months since anything was said about the Nexus 10 tablet.  Once the new Nexus 7 showed up last year it was expected the new version of the 10-inch model would follow, but that was not the case.  Back in November, Google released the brand new Nexus 5 and it was then that rumors started to flow about whether or not Google was going to have a brand new 10-inch model built by Samsung or LG, but those reports ended rather quickly.  Now, rumors are suggesting that Google is going to reintroduce the 10-inch model sometime this year, but the details are few and far between.

At the Consumer Electronics Show this year, the brand new Nexus 7 was talked about, as well as a new 8-inch model of the popular tablet, but little was said about the 10-inch model.  Starting this week, the rumors have started to pick back up thanks to the fact that Google updated the Google Play Store listing for the Nexus 10 to indicate that the 16GB and 32GB models of the tablet will be “coming soon”.  The Nexus 10 has been sold out for months in the Google Play Store, so the update has been catching plenty of attention.

Since it has been out of stock the listing in the Google Play Store indicated that it was “out of inventory” or that you should “check back later”, but that all changed with the words, “coming soon”.  The update could simply mean that Google has more of the original to ship to consumers, but that just does not seem likely since it has been more than 5 months.  Google will be holding its Google I/O conference in June and that is when the company is expected to bring the 8-inch model to the market.  It could also be the perfect place to talk about a brand new 10-inch Nexus tablet.

Until then, the rumors are likely to race around the web about new features, software and what hardware the device will bring to the market.  Until Google confirms the listing in the Google Play Store as meaning the brand new model is coming, it will be all speculation at this point.  The original model came with a dual-core processor which many expected was the cause for its poor sales performance.

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