LG G Watch spotted in new video

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lggwatchLG did not waste any time getting into the smartwatch business this time around, in fact, the LG G Watch is one of the first models that is going to showcase the new Android Wear software from Google.  The watch is expected on the market very soon, but for now, a new video has been posted online that will show you exactly what it will have to offer you when it arrives.  The video will also show you a few of the key features that makes the watch one to keep an eye on.

The Android Wear software is from Google and it’s the new Android-based mobile operating system for wearable technology.  It was first announced back in March and will be arriving on the LG G Watch and the Moto 360 from Motorola later this year.  While other information has not been available from the company up to now, LG took to the video world with a 53 second promotional movie to show you what they have to offer.  Other than the Android Wear and a few images showing the overall design, the rest of the device is in the dark.

The overall design is nice compared to others that consumers have  seen so far.  The LG G Watch is showcased as one with an all metal design, excellent battery life and a timeless look.  The video goes into the compatibility of the LG G Watch with the Android Wear software.  The Google I/O conference is coming up soon and that watch is expected to be launched by the end of July, according to a few reports.  If that is the case, more details about the device should be made available before then.  LG claims that the G Watch is going to “define” wearable technology in the mobile market.

In the video the company uses phrases like “sleek and lightweight for all-day comfort” and “ready for anything, anytime with a single charge”.  The company is very confident that the battery life is not going to be a daily issue, as well as the overall design looking more like a fancy watch rather than a piece of bulky technology hanging off your wrist.  LG is expected to be releasing more teasers over the next few weeks so keep your eyes open if you are interested in picking one up.

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