LG G Watch shows up in a new color

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lgWhen the first information arrived about the LG G Watch it was noted that it would be running on the brand new Android Wear software from Google.  The watch showed up for the public back in March and it was then that the attention was on LG for the smartwatch market this year.  The watch has shown up in random leaked images since then and that includes the one that popped up this week revealing a new color for the watch.  The champagne color was announced earlier this year, but this is the first time that we are able to see it.

LG went through its official Facebook page to reveal that it would be releasing a champagne gold colored watch along with the black model that we have all seen already.  The gold colored model will come with an all black face, like the black model, but it will have the gold color around the face, or on the body of the watch.  In the image that LG showed on its Facebook page, the gold colored watch that is in the works has a white band.  There was little information other than the new color posted on the page.

LG has reported that the new smartwatch would be coming to the market during the second quarter of 2014.  The plans for release start in the United Kingdom and there they can expect to see it available sometime in July of this year.  Typically, the release date for the United States would be coming shortly after that, but nothing was confirmed at this time by LG.  Other than the colors that consumers are seeing in photos posted by LG and others, there is little information about the overall specs of the device.

The smartwatch market is slowly getting crowded with more companies jumping after Samsung released the Gear in a couple of different models.  Essentially, a smartwatch is a device that communicates with your smartphone.  It allows to you make calls, send and receive texts, emails and other notifications and they are quite stylish.  The smaller touch screen displays are coming with HD resolutions, but at the same time they are chewing through battery life no other.  After a few models start to get sold and the popularity picks up it would be expected that the specs would get a power and efficiency boost as well.

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