Google reportedly working on 8-inch tablet model

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nexus8Google has just announced the Nexus 5, along with the Nexus 10 and the Android 4.4 KitKat software and now it looks like the rumor mill just pushed out some information regarding the fact that the company might be launching an 8-inch version of its popular Nexus 7 tablet.  The second generation of the 7-inch model was released this year and has been selling very well, including the one with LTE support on it.  With the Nexus 10 coming with a quad-core processor and upgraded software this year, it is likely that consumers will be checking into some sort of Nexus branded device at least one time over the next month.

The rumors of the 8-inch model could be just that, rumors, but things like that have turned into actually products more than once, so there is no reason to believe that it will not happen this time around.  Companies like Samsung have released one product in each size for some time now, so Google might just be wanting to take even more market share away in the tablet market before moving to take Apple on directly.  Apple has just released the iPad Air and the new iPad Mini 2 with Retina tablet this week.

An LTE enabled Nexus 8 would fit perfectly right next to the Galaxy Note 8, iPad Mini 2 and the LG G Pad.  The 8-inch model has reportedly appeared on the Google website recently according to reports, but was removed quickly presuming the company made a mistake or was just testing the webpage layout at the time.  The main reason for the rumors comes from the recent Bluetooth certification for a device codenamed the “V510” and that got many talking about a new device from Google.

Since LG just released the new G Pad, which is an 8.3-inch tablet that sells for just $349 and came codenamed “V500”.  Consumers are taking to the internet to assume the new V510 is going to be the 4G LTE model of the same device, but that has not been confirmed by anyone.  Google does work very closely with LG and has released a couple of products in partnership over the last few years, but unless Google leaks more information or decides to share a little bit with the public, the 8-inch model of the Nexus is just a rumor.

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