Google I/O Conference 2013 – Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie Motorola X Launching?

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googleiosconference2013When internet giant Google purchased Motorola Mobility back in 2011, both industry analysts and smartphone shoppers figured that an avalanche of Android phones released under the Motorola label were a foregone conclusion. However, 2011 finished and 2012 came and went without the hint of a Google/Motorola Android handset released specifically integrated with Android’s mobile operating systems and Google goodies. There were a few rumors here and there, nothing substantial, but 2013 enters with multiple numbers of a Google I/O May announcement unveiling a new Key Lime Pie 5.0 Android smartphone.

Ever since the Android operating system version 1.5 was released in 2009 and named Cupcake, significant follow-up Android OS updates have delivered the sweet tasting name of a desert or candy. The most current Android OS is Jelly Bean 4.2, but these exciting Motorola rumors include a possible launch of a currently unnamed handset to offer Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie. As mentioned above, the Google I/O conference this year kicks off in May, and in the past the company has used this much-anticipated Google get-together to make official announcements about products, hardware and software.

All we know about the super smartphone is it will purportedly offer a large 5.0 inch display and introduce Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie to the smartphone marketplace. There are also hints of a possible Nexus smartphone or tablet release as well. The past few weeks have seen reports across the Blogosphere discussing a new Nexus 5 smartphone manufactured by LG, which would be an upgrade from the LG Nexus 4, but as usual, Google would not confirm nor deny anything.

There ware also rumors regarding the name of the new smartphone, and Motorola X has appeared out of nowhere as a likely moniker. The rumors have gone so far as to discuss access to the new Moto X, revealing that it will likely not be exclusive to the Verizon Wireless network. This is a stark departure from the Motorola Droid lineup, which is sold exclusively at Verizon. Handsets like the large screen, high resolution Motorola Razr MAXX HD can only be purchased running on the 4G LTE system on Verizon in the US.

That handset delivers a large 4.7 inch display with a resolution of 720 x 1,280 pixels. However, the 5.0 inch Moto X smartphone screen is rumored to offer a 1,080P true HD display. Sources have recently claimed that the new Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie handset will deliver improvements that Motorola has been working on regarding their software experience and improved user interface. There was no information available at the time of this release regarding the possible launch of the rumored Motorola X smartphone.

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