Samsung Galaxy S3 Android 4.3 update coming to AT&T users

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galaxysiiiallFor those of you on the AT&T network with a Galaxy S3 from Samsung you might want to sit down as it was reported today that your phone could be getting the Android 4.3 update very soon.  According to what looks like a benchmark test shared online, the release could be in the late stages before release and that means that the older Galaxy handset will be able to enjoy the last bits of Jelly Bean before the Android 4.4 KitKat is released next month.

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If you remember, the Galaxy S3 was one of the devices that was going to skip the Android 4.2 update in favor of the Android 4.3 software.  Most consumers understood the reasoning behind the waiting period, especially after many of the users started complaining about the Android 4.2 software after it was installed.  Samsung has not confirmed the software update at this time, but rumors suggest that the Android 4.3 will be coming very soon.  Because Samsung did not confirm the software, there is no way to know whether the Android 4.3 update will also bring support for the Samsung Galaxy Gear smart watch.

Android 4.3 Jelly Bean software does support the Bluetooth Low Energy technology, so it could be entirely possible that users will be able to control their phone via the new gadget.  The Galaxy Gear was announced this week by Samsung and it allows users to control their smartphones without touching them, among other things.  Instead of using the NFC technology found in most phones, the Galaxy Gear is powered by the Bluetooth support that is also found in most smartphones.  Typically, those in the United States are the last to see a device updated, but it looks like the leaked information is going to give a different outcome.

The build number that is listed on the benchmark is JSS15J and it looks to be a build from September, so it is very possible that it is a test build from AT&T, but it could also be something else altogether.  Benchmarks scores and other information can be faked very easily, so this is going to have to wait for some confirmation from either Samsung or AT&T.  Because Samsung promised the update in October, the news does line up with that promise, as well as the fact that the device has not been updated since the Premium Suite showed up.

The AT&T Samsung Galaxy S III smartphone is available for a reduced sale price now starting at only one penny!

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