With Galaxy S5 on the market, Galaxy S4 prices drop

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gs5bMillions of users in the United States have recently upgraded to the Galaxy S5 now that it has been officially released on the market.  For those of you that are stuck with a phone that is older than the Samsung Galaxy S4, there is some news that you might get excited about.  Starting this week, many retailers are reducing the price of the Galaxy S4 enticing smartphone owners to look at it for an upgrade.  Typically, the smartphone market reacts this way when a new smartphone is released.  Any leftover stock from the older models must be sold and discounting the price is a good way to do that.

To be specific, AT&T has a deal for those that are looking for an upgrade to the Galaxy S4.  According to reports, the major mobile carrier is offering the smartphone as a “certified like-new” model, or what some like to call refurbished.  The “certified like-new” status should be taken just like it says and once you hear about the deal, you will see how it is too good to pass up.  The Galaxy S5 also has some decent deals, but none of them are going to beat the one that AT&T has for you.

AT&T is doing something that many would have never thought they would see the company do and that is offer the like new Samsung Galaxy S4 without any contract for just $179.  The smartphone is barely one year old and now you can pick it up on the AT&T network for less than $200.  The price might seem a little high for a like new smartphone, but you are getting it outright and without any contract from the company.  If you were to buy it without contract last year you would be paying close to $600 for sure.

The company is selling the 16GB model in black, white or red for just $179 if you want the phone without contract.  However, if you are on the AT&T network anyways and need to upgrade, you can get the phone for free after signing a new 2-year contract.  This is not the only deal that AT&T had for this past weekend.  The company also offered the Galaxy Note 3 for $249 without a contract and they are considered “like new” as well.

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