Samsung Galaxy S4 getting Android 4.4 KitKat update on Verizon Wireless

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gs4Verizon Wireless has not confirmed the Android 4.4 KitKat update for the Samsung Galaxy S4 at this time, but there is no reason to believe it will not be coming to users within the next few short weeks.  Verizon Wireless very well known for taking extra long with updates and even getting top of the line smartphones to its users.  Sprint was the first major mobile carrier in the United States to get the update rolled out to Galaxy S4 users and that was back in February.  Right after Sprint, US Cellular made an announcement that it would be sending out the same update.  AT&T followed, with T-Mobile being the last to recently roll out the Android 4.4 KitKat update.

With all of the updates going on around the mobile world, it leaves the Verizon Wireless users waiting to see when they will be lucky enough to check it out on their Samsung Galaxy S4.  Some users have taken to Twitter to voice their opinions about leaving Verizon Wireless and upgrading somewhere else, but initial reports are still suggesting that the Verizon Wireless update will be coming within the new few weeks.

It was only a few weeks ago that it was reported that Verizon had the software and it was going to through its extra long approval process, but since then there has not been any confirmation from the company.  Typically, developers of the software can determine when the major mobile carriers will be sending out the updates for each phone, but this one has been hard to track coming from Verizon Wireless.  It might seem sort of out of the ordinary for a mobile carrier to not say anything about an update, but analysts say you should expect Verizon to be.

Once the actually release day gets closer, that is when Verizon is expected to make an announcement about the software update coming to the Samsung Galaxy S4.  Usually, another part of an update getting closer is the fact that there will be some software leaked to the public through developers, but that is not happening for some reason this time around.  Even though the software is typically the final version it is not recommended that you download and load the software on your own unless you have had experience with things like this in the past.

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  1. Verizon wireless is bloody pathetic.

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