Next version of Android operating system could bring new experience

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androiddevAt first, it seemed like it took forever for Google to get more Android software to the market, but in the last 2 months or more Android has been updated more than ever before.  The updates have been smaller, incremental updates and nothing major, but with each one there is still plenty of reasons to get to the update and download it to your device.  Last year Google brought the Android 4.4 KitKat software to the market around October and with it, came the Nexus 5, which has been selling very well for the company.

Some of the focus has gone to the next version of the Android software, which is expected to be version number 4.5.  The Android 4.5 software is also expected to be labeled “Licorice” or “Lollipop”.  With each new bit of software, the internet comes alive with things that many are hoping for when they upgrade to it in the near future.  Designers, coders and regular smartphone users alike, have hit the web to showcase what they think or expect to see with the new software.  The Android software is going to be a more polished experience according to some reports.

Some developers have taken to the web to explain what they think will come with the new software and according to one, the company will be working on improving the “out of box experience”.  For a lot of users, the Android 4.4 KitKat software has yet to show up on their smartphone and now those with Android 4.4 downloaded and installed are already looking ahead to the next version.  Google is not going to stop the improvement process just because some are still waiting for the current version, in fact, it might give mobile carriers something to think about when updating.

In the future, it might make more sense for the mobile carriers to hold off on one update and just bring in the next one if it is only going to be a couple months away.  According to some fan renders of the new software, the experience is going to be cleaned up a bit and made to be more personal.  Some icons could be getting refreshed as well as some of the lines made a bit softer throughout the settings area.  Either way, most of the Android users will have their eyes open for it while the rest wait around for Android 4.4.

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