Next generation Galaxy Beam from Samsung coming soon

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galaxy-beamThe original Samsung Galaxy Beam was released back in February of 2012.  There are reports from this week that suggest that company is ready to release the next generation model more than two years later.  The typical life cycle of a smartphone is less than 12 months in today’s market, but that is not going to stop Samsung from bringing a new model of the Beam to the marketplace this year.  According to reports, the mid-range Beam came with a built-in 15 lumens projector and that allowed users to project content on a wall up to 50-inches wide.

This would be great in the board room or when trying to show others pictures or videos from your phone.  Almost as soon as the phone was available, that was the last time anyone heard about it. The sales were not that good, but apparently they are enough that Samsung is going to bring a new version to the market.  Samsung officially announced the Galaxy Beam 2 on its website and just like the original; the main feature is the mini-projector.  The projector comes with several unique applications that users can use to put images and other content on the wall.

Samsung also notes that it will include a notepad feature, as well as a flashlight feature that uses the same beam.  Besides the projector, the phone is very much like one that you would find in the mid-range area.  IT comes with a 1.2GHz quad-core processor, Android 4.2 Jelly Bean software and a 2600mAh battery.  The 4.66-inch touch screen display has a below average 800×480 resolution and users will be able to take pictures with the 5MP camera sensor on the back side.  The phone comes with a microSD card slot for memory expansion if needed.

Samsung did not reveal when the phone was going to launch just yet, but the odds that it happens in China first are very good.  The original Samsung Galaxy Beam did not make it to the United States, but that does not mean that a company like AT&T will not pick it up as they typically have one of the widest ranges of devices available to customers.  For now, it is just another smartphone that Samsung offers the public and like many of the others, comes with a very unique feature or two.

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