Motorola Droid Razr users still experiencing post-ICS issues

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In the smartphone scene, an update is supposed to improve things on your handset and make it better, yes?


But, this seems to be not the case with the ICS update that landed on the Motorola Droid Razr last June. Sad to say, users of the handset eagerly awaited this update to land only to be let down by the bugs that came along with it.

It has been two months since the Motorola Droid Razr got cranked up to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and since then, users are reporting that they had nothing but problems after they took advantage of the ICS update on their respective handsets.

The Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update was rolled out by Verizon to the Motorola Droid Razr this past June 30 – which incidentally was the last day of the deadline that Motorola imposed on itself for the ICS update to hit the handset. After the rollout, reports started coming in from users saying that the update was buggy and a lot of issues have been experienced on their handsets. Looking at the big picture, it looks like Verizon and Motorola were rushed into releasing the ICS update even if it was not as viable as possible in order to hit the deadline.

Earlier reports claim that both Motorola and Verizon already have a handle on things and are already working on an update to get these issues resolved but until now, we are yet to see a bugfix update rolled out to the Motorola Droid Razr. Back then, word on the street is that the update will hit the airwaves in August but sad to say, that did not materialize to the utter frustration of Motorola Droid Razr 4G users. After all, several users of the handset have already complained that their devices have become totally inoperable after its OS got cranked up to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich – which is a big concern because this totally undermines the components and capabilities of the device.

The latest rumors however speculate that the said bugfix update will get released this September but neither Motorola nor Verizon have yet to confirm that information. We join these users in crossing fingers that hopefully, it wouldn’t take the two companies that long to finally get the issues in the Motorola Droid Razr resolved.

As for the handset, the Motorola Droid Razr is one of the sexiest handsets in the market today with its 7.1 mm waistline. Under the hood, the handset packs a Texas Instruments OMAP4430 chipset that gives it a dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 processor clocked at 1.2 GHz and a full gigabyte of RAM. It comes with 16GB of onboard storage while its retail package comes with a 16GB microSD card for memory expansion purposes. Its display on the other hand is a 4.3-inch SuperAMOLED panel with a 540 x 960 resolution while its camera department is comprised of a rear 8MP shooter and a front 2MP snapper.

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9 Responses

  1. I upgraded my Droid Razr to ICS when it became available. I have not experienced any problems, and I am completely satisfied with ICS.

  2. Mine was updated and now it is 100% bug free. Instead of complaining about it, people just need to get updated.

  3. ICS is a problem. My battery is 50% of what it used to be and it occured the day of the upgrade. I had to hassle around with corporate email issues. Give me back my battery life and feel free to remove whatever imperceptible so called up grades you shelled out. I called tech support and they offered to reset my phone to factory standards. Sure there’s some customer support – it took me a couple days to get my phone syncing with Outlook using Deja Office because Google doesn’t want to play nice with Microsoft and vice versa. Motorolas idea of customer service is to set me back a few days. Customers beware – it is so easy to inconvenience us much more difficult to put out good products.

  4. The reason this article exists is because there is a real problem. Like Julie, and countless others, the battery life on my MAXX has been cut to 50%, and the performance is equally worse, at least to 50% as well. This phone was exceptional under 2.3.x. If I loaded the system with apps before and it worked great, the OS update should not degrade the performance to this degree. I would gladly go back to 2.3.x for the improved performance and battery life.

  5. ICS IS A BIG PROBLEM. Obviously it was released tooooo soon. ICS has many bugs. My battery sucks big time since I did the update, screens appear ontop of other screens. The phone indicates that I have no data when I actually do. I did take pictures of the screen, so I have proof. Now I am just waiting for the “bug fix” that is supposed to be out sometime THIS MONTH, SEPTEMBER 2012. Now Motorola is dropping the price of the Maxx to 99.00 because they are releasing a couple of new motorola’s and with the release of the new phones, they will NOT BE RUNNING JELLY BEAN. WTF, I don’t understand. I would ditch my Maxx right now to get the Maxx HD if it was released with JB. Idiots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I agree with Nurse Ratchet.. ICS on the Verizon Droid Razr has more bugs than a flophouse mattress. Loses 4G and 3G connectivity all of the time.

    I have spent hours on the phone with both Verizon and Motorola. Tried everything. Even replaced the SIM card and the phone.

    Both Motorola and Verizon have known about these issues for months and still haven’t issued the promised bug fixes. Google “Droid Razr problems” for more info.

    Motorola and Verizon both owe apologies to Droid Razr and Droid Razr Maxx owners who have put up with these known problems. An account credit from Verizon would be a step in that direction.

  7. Nothing but aggravation since I installed ICS. Missed calls, phone never even rings. Constantly switching to airplane mode, on and on
    Went to Verizon store, told me to check my network settings. Changed the mode, said I won’t have anymore problems.m that lashed about to minutes. Went back the next day, they deny there are any problems, however offered to replace the SIM card. Still not working right
    I am buying an iPhone tomorrow, which stinks since I only have the droid razr for 3 months. Can’t deal with this nonsense anymore

  8. For those of you who have not experienced any issues, count yourself lucky. It is a complete disaster. I finally did the factory reset and all is well so far. Yes, I knew that the factory reset was an option, but I avoided that as long as I could until I could no longer use my phone. My phone is my life and performing a factory reset was a huge inconvenience taking hours to get my settings back . For those who just say “Factory reset” as the answer have become compliant to mediocrity. This should NOT be the solution to the problem. Plus, there are countless complaints on so many sites is proof that this is a HUGE issue. I soooo do not want to follow the Iphone drones, because I like Android phones, but this is ridiculous. Plus, it’s a kick in the face to have so much attention to their new Razr HD phones when they have already proven to soo many current owners that they do NOT support their devices. I will try the Samsung Galaxy before hopping over to Iphone, so we’ll see. But Motorola is officially off of my shopping list.

  9. Hi everyone, i had the same problem after updating. videos, music, picts, some apps wouldnt open. finally managed to get it to restore factory settings after dealing with nothing working and not turning on… and bingo! somehow everything works.

    Recomendation: Restore to factory setting, but no need to click remove all data. Takes about 10 mins max

    Hope this helps

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