Mint app just arrived for Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 devices

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mintappwindowsFinances can be a bit stressful especially this time of the year, but there are apps available on the web and Mint is one of them.  Available on almost all of the mobile platforms, Mint is quite popular for those that would like to keep track of their financial outlook.  Starting this week, Mint is now available for download on Windows Phone and Windows 8 devices.  Mint announced the two new apps for Microsoft users this week and both of them are free as well.

Before this week, Mint was only available on the iPhone, iPad and certain devices that were powered by Android.  The company says that both applications will provide “users with a convenient way to view all of their financial accounts in one place.”  The Mint application helps users create and follow customized budgets and it has been a very popular “must have” for both iOS and Android devices.  According to Mint, both the new applications will have all of the same features that many have been used to over the years.  Features like credit tracking, tracking of your spending, expense categorization and all of this can be done within one mobile app, or online.

Users have taken to the Windows Phone Store to check out the new application, but have been reporting that although it is a free app, it has not shown up for download yet.  Users will be able to pin specific accounts to their Start Screen for easy access and instant analysis when they turn their device on in the morning.  Users that are running Windows 8.1 can pin their accounts to the Start Screen, but the user interface for tracking what you spend where, is broken down into very visual graphs that help to understand the information.

Multitasking is a piece of cake with support for snapped states, which allows users to do what they want while keeping an eye on their financial history at the same time.  If you have wanted a good application to help keep your spending in check, then you will have to check out the app for Windows devices.  If you are on the fence about whether the app is for you, there are plenty of positive reviews posted online that can show you the features and how they can help.

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