Leaks indicate what could arrive with HTC Sense 6

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htcHTC has its own user interface called HTC Sense and right now you might be able to find one smartphone with the latest version on it, but for the most part, many HTC fans have been waiting around to see what the next version will bring with it.  The next version is 6 and according to a leak that showed up online this week the software is going to bring new features and improvements worthy of the buzz in the mobile news arena.  For those that are not going to stick with the stock version of Android, HTC Sense if the perfect solution and some think it adds just the right amount of features that stock Android leaves behind.

When the HTC One was released back in April of last year, it came along with a new version of HTC Sense user interface and that brought Blinkfeed, which is a news aggregator, more content for the home screen and many more features that made their way into reviews posted online over the last few months.  Android 4.4 KitKat is reportedly coming for the HTC One in the next few weeks and because of that many are expecting the company to bring along the new version of HTC Sense.

With the HTC One replacement, called the HTC M8, HTC Two or HTC One+, coming as soon as next month it is also likely to be the first HTC device to sport the Sense 6 software over the top of Android 4.4 KitKat.  New details and other information has been posted online this week thanks to a Twitter account that is well known for posting information that is found to be correct more times than it is not.  The same account revealed last week that the Sense 6 software is going to come with on-screen buttons, rather than capacitive buttons that you see on older Android devices.

The user that leaked the information about the new software also noted that he likes the 6th version over version 5.5 which is typically expected with newer versions of anything in the mobile marketplace.  The color scheme looks to be the same gray, black and white, but certain applications will have dedicated colors to help tell them apart from others.  Colors like blue and green will be used rather than keeping everything gray, black or white.

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