ISIS mobile payment app available for all users nationwide

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isis-bMobile payment solutions are getting more popular and one more company just announced that it is now available nationwide in a partnership with at least three of the five major mobile carriers.  ISIS announced that AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless are not getting together to bring the new feature to smartphone users that want to ditch their plastic cards in exchange for using their smartphone to pay for things.  The ISIS app will not be just for making payments for things, in fact, the app can also load your loyalty cards you have piled up in your wallet or purse.

Putting all of your credit and debit cards in one service will save you time and space.  ISIS claims that the “contact-less” mobile payment solution is now available at 1.3 million retail outlets all over the country.  That number includes 24 of the top 100 merchants that we shop at all of the time.  The ISIS mobile payment application can be downloaded from the Google Play Store for free.  Each of the apps will work with selected devices that have an enhanced SIM card in their device like the Galaxy S4 or the HTC One.

If you picked up the new Galaxy Note 3 last month, you will also have support for the new mobile payment service.  Those that are currently using an iOS powered device will eventually get access to the mobile app and for those that do not have the NFC technology loaded on their phone, a sleeve with technology needed will also be for sale soon.  The iPhone will be one device that could work with the new NFC-enabled sleeve, according to reports.  The ISIS mobile payment option is not the first to pop up on the market, in fact, Google Wallet has been available for a couple of years now.

None of the services that are on the market have really been all that popular with smartphone users up to this point, but they are slowly gaining the right amount of attention as retailers jump on board with the technology needed to accept the payments.  The ISIS mobile application has been in the works for more than two years so it is nice to see it finalized and through the testing stages so that mobile carriers can get ready for users that want to download and install it.

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