HTC Android 4.4 KitKat update schedule released

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kitkatandroidGoogle released the latest version of Android back in October and since then it has been a wild ride for consumers waiting to see if their device is on the update list.  Most of the high end devices that are out there get updated to the latest and greatest software after it is released, it is more about when the update is actually going to come around for each one that worries some.  HTC missed an update at the end of September and since that time the company has been very good about keeping customers up to date with the new software.

The HTC One, Silver is available for a reduced sale price now starting at $49.99 – $539.99.

The company put up a website to show customers exactly where all of the updates are and what devices will be getting them.  The website shows everything that goes into an update, what stage the update is in for a specific device and also breaks everything down by the mobile carrier.  This way, no matter what your mobile carrier is, you can clearly see where and what is happening with the update for your device.  This is the new plan of attack for HTC and it is a good one for the customers.  There is little left to question once you see the update website.

Starting with Android 4.4 KitKat, HTC is showing what devices are scheduled to get it and for those that started to get it, what stage of the process the software is in.  The main focus for most of the customers is the HTC One, but there are a couple of other handsets that are on the list and those will be updated and can be tracked as well.  According to the new page from HTC, there are five steps that go into the process and they include Evaluation, Development, Integration, Certification, Push to Customer.

The last step is the most important to many of the smartphone users on the globe, but being able to see all of the steps in a clear manner is a major plus as well.  Rather than just pasting a “coming soon” banner on the support page for a smartphone, now consumers can get the answers they need all in one place.  This should also limit the number of questions that arise on Twitter regarding the same thing.  Right now, the website shows complete status for Unlocked HTC One, Developer Edition of the HTC One and the Google Edition of the HTC One.

The HTC One, Silver can be purchased at a discounted price tag now starting at $49.99 – $539.99.

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