Google Now gets better with third party apps

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googlenowGoogle Now has been on Android powered devices since the Jelly Bean operating system hit the market, but most of the users that thought the system worked so well were frustrated that search results were not including any third party information within the virtual assistant app from Google.  That is all about to change as new reports indicate that Google is now accepting third party apps for the Google Now service.  Google updated the Google Search and Google Now applications in order to integrate search results from third party apps.

If a third party application shows up in the search results page, a user can click a button to “open in app”.  As easy example would be to show that if a user was using Google Now to search for a movie, or an actor for that matter, the search results might show some from the IMDB application.  This would allow you to open the information in the application that you already have downloaded on your device.  Then you would not have to view the results within the Chrome browser, where a lot of times the pages are not optimized for mobile devices.

Google said in a post on its blog, “You might get your trivia from IMDb, the box office stats from Wikipedia and ratings from Rotten Tomatoes.  Google Search can make your life a little easier by fetching the answer you need for you — whether it’s on the web, or buried in an app.”  The idea is that with more integration with the third party applications that are already built, the end user is going to benefit more from using the Search to find what they are looking for.  The number of applications that are compatible with the service is quite limited, but the rollout just started.

Most of the applications that are developed today are optimized for the small, mobile displays rather than the traditional desktops monitors.  This gives developers more reason to build the Google Search and Google Now integration into its applications.  A lot of times websites that are optimized for mobile displays are not easy to read and with an application that is built specifically for a mobile device would be more effective in this case.  Google has been making more changes to Google Now to make it more user friendly adding more cards.

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