Flash drive for iPhone hits the market

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iflashdriveIf you were wondering what you can do with the internal memory on your iPhone that is packed with photos and videos of your first child, you can stop wondering.  Typically, the iPhone has never come with more storage, that isn’t in the cloud, than the internal memory that is on the phone when you purchase it.  Most other smartphones come with a microSD card slot so that you can expand your storage if needed, but the iPhone is not one of them.  For years, users have wanted a removable storage option for the high end smartphone and they might have finally gotten one.

Flash drives for smartphones have been on the rise over the last few months and now there is one that has been developed that will plug into the Lightening Connector on your brand new iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.  The new device is called the iStick and comes with a retractable USB plug on the one end and the Lightening Connector on the other.  The short flash drive easily fits into your pocket and can be taken anywhere and used in any iOS device with the Lightening Connector.

One feature of the new iStick that will prevent you from connecting your phone to the computer is the fact that both ends of the device cannot be sticking out of the drive at the same time.  If the Lightening Connector is out, the USB portion cannot be and vice versa.  That should not be any big deal, at least you will have extra storage options that are removable for your iOS device.  Other than that, it will work like any other USB flash drive does when you want to transfer files from your computer to your iOS device.

The iStick comes with 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB or 128GB options.  That might just be enough of an bonus to keep the extra $100 in your pocket instead of buying the next highest storage option of the device.  That bad thing is, if you decide to go with the iStick you are not going to be saving all that much.  According to the sources posting online, if you want the 128GB option, you are going to be paying up to $299 for it.  The smallest, 8GB option, will only cost you $79, so you will save just $30 if you do not upgrade to the 16GB iPhone.

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