Facebook Messenger application gets updated this week

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facebookIf you have not logged into your Facebook Messenger application this week, you will be seeing something a little different the next time you do.  This week, the company has sent out an update to the Messenger application and once you have it updated you will see that it offers a much better way to share photos and videos along with a few other features.  The version is moving from 4.0 to 5.0 with this one update, so it could be considered somewhat of a big deal.  For those of you that have an Android or iOS powered device, the overall look of the app will seem the same.

If you have the updated version you can clearly see that the row of icons along the bottom of the Messenger app are for easier sharing.  You can insert a sticker, voice message or photos right into your messages to those that you chat with on the service.  You can also take a photo right from within the application making it even easier to share things that are happening right now with your friends.  All of these things were possible in the older versions of the app, but they were not as user friendly as the updated version is.

The changes are going to be welcomed to users that have the Messenger application going all of the time when they are talking to friends and family while on the go.  Just like many other instant messaging applications, the icons are going to make things easier to complete with less taps.  Adding stickers to you chat is going to allow you to add a little personality to your messages and could be fun for the younger crowds out there.  The odds are going to be that the older gadget lovers are going to be all over the fact that you can do so much with fewer taps.

If you have not been given the update announcement through your mobile device, you can head over to the Google Play Store now and download it.  Once the download is done, the installation starts and the next time you log in you will see the changes as they are quite obvious if you remember the older versions.  Facebook is looking to get the market share for messaging applications and now that they are offering free calls through the service, companies like Google and Skype have something to worry about.

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