Facebook buys a company in the health and fitness category

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ProtoGeoOyFacebook has made some record purchases over the last year or more and this week is not any different.  According to reports, Facebook has picked up a new app company ProtoGeo Oy and the main reason is the Moves application that the company has developed.  Just because Facebook has been spending billions of dollars acquiring companies all over the mobile market, does not mean that the company is just going to forget about them.  Facebook has taken the good news and made it better by removing the cost of the Moves app and made it free to download.

According to Facebook, the company plans to keep the Moves app completely separate from the Facebook operations.  Saying that, you can expect that Facebook stays the same and does not include any sort of health tracker app for the Facebook family.  Facebook has also purchased Instagram and WhatsApp in the past and the company has kept them separate as well.  That odds are pretty good that Facebook paid a pretty penny for the mobile app company and even though it was not revealed how much they paid, it is not likely more than the $19 billion they paid for WhatsApp.

Health and fitness applications and devices have been picking up slightly over the last few months, so it does not surprise anyone that Facebook has taken a liking to the mobile health app business.  The Moves app is a very nice and easy to use application for tracking your walking, running and how many calories you may have burned like many of the other health and fitness apps on the market.  Facebook did not mention an exact reason as to why they needed to by the mobile apps company, but the popularity of the fitness trackers and apps might have had something to do with it.

Being able to share how long you walked via social networks is a great way to get support for your new, healthy lifestyle.  Samsung has also decided that health and fitness has been one of the most popular categories on the market and released the new S Health app.  The new Galaxy S5 reportedly comes with a heart rate monitor built right into it and the new S Health application looks to take the data and display it in a useful manner for users.

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