Consumers could see new Samsung tablets within next 2 weeks

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galaxytabproSamsung is doing consumers a disservice this year by offering more devices on the mobile market than they will have time to check out.  At the recent Consumer Electronics Show held in Las Vegas this year, Samsung hit the stage to reveal all sorts of new devices, none of which was the Galaxy S5.  Even though most of the attendees expecting to learn more about the smartphone, they were pleasantly excited to learn more about the new tablets.  The company noted that four more tablets would be available on the market sometime in the first quarter of this year.

A few things about each of the devices was revealed at the show, but the pricing was not mentioned at all.  According to reports, the new tablets could be on the market as soon as 3 weeks from now, just in time for Valentine’s Day.  The tablets are going to be priced to the high side of things and that should come as a little surprise to those that follow along in the tablet market.  Samsung made more than one comment about focusing business on the high end devices that it would like to bring to the marketplace.

The four new tablets have been talked about a little bit in the last three weeks with most of the consumers knowing that they can expect to see one at 8.4-inches, one at 10.1-inches and two models that will measure 12.2-inches in size.  The Galaxy Tab Pro line will see the 8.4, 10.1 and a 12.2 model, while the other 12.2 model will be considered the Galaxy Note Pro line.  Of the four new models, they are all expected to ship with LTE support, as well as a Wi-Fi only model for those that do not need LTE data on the go.

The Galaxy Note Pro series will be coming with a pen stylus and the suite of software that coincides with that, much like you can see with the Galaxy Note phablet series.  The international pricing has been revealed in Euros at this point, but if you are looking to pick up the new Galaxy 12.2-inch model, you could be looking to pay more than $1,000 in the United States.  A lot of times the pricing we see overseas does not translate to what we see for the models that end up in the country.

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