Comcast could bring its own wireless service to market

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comcastMobile phone services are all over the place within the United States as well as worldwide, but that does not mean that a company cannot launch one.  What makes a wireless company successful is going to be the coverage that it has and what devices the company offers to its customers.  In the long run, it might come down the type of prices that the company is charging for its monthly services, but the first two things are going to be most important to customers.  According to one online source, Comcast has mentioned more than once that it would like to get into the mobile phone service business.

With that being said, there is plenty of information wanted by consumers and experts alike in the mobile world just to be able to make an assumption that the company knows what they are about to get into.  The Comcast service would use Wi-Fi connections when within reaches of a hotspot, but switch to cellular signals when out of reach of that hotspot.  Comcast is looking to lease cellular services from an existing carrier much like companies like StraightTalk, Virgin Mobile and Boost Mobile do today.

The source also claims that Comcast was part of a deal with SpectrumCo, which is a group of cable providers that sold AWS spectrum to Verizon back in 2011.  Part of that deal included that fact that the group was able to sell the spectrum to Verizon on a wholesale basis and that works out perfectly for the reported Wi-Fi/cellular plans that Comcast reportedly has in mind.  Hybrid calling might seem like a new idea to some, but really Republic Wireless has been doing that for more than one year and consumers are flocking to the network now that they are offering better smartphones.

Hybrid calling is a service that uses Wi-Fi connections to place calls and texts rather than a cellular network, but once the users is out of Wi-Fi range, the phone automatically switches to cellular from Sprint to handle the load.  The company requires that you are connected to Wi-Fi 70 percent of the time, which is not hard for most users and especially since there is Wi-Fi everywhere.  Comcast would be working on a similar service and it would be bundled real nice with the other services that it offers.

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