BlueStacks application announced to run Android apps on Windows

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The recently held Consumer Electronic Show (CES) 2012 has seen many new interesting devices being showcased by major companies and there was also the news of Microsoft attending the Show for the last time. A major interesting revelation at the show was that the Windows 8 computers and touchscreen devices will be able to run Android apps with the help of a native app called BlueStacks. It is speculated that this application will be provided pre-installed on the Window 8 Operated devices when the much awaited OS is released later this year.

According to Rosen Sharma, Chief Executive of BlueStacks their software will revolutionize the functionality of Windows 8 as there are a majority of people on the Android bandwagon. Windows Metro Style UI is quite fabulous and pleasing to use but there are very few apps currently available for it. The ability to run Android apps on Windows based systems which is provided by BlueStacks will eliminate the need to build apps for the Windows platform. The software has impressed many people at the CES and if it delivers what it claims it will be a major boost to Windows operated devices. The CEO also said that they have held talks with Microsoft and their developers are also more than satisfied with the usefulness of their software package. However, there are some experts who are still skeptical regarding this software because a stable version of BlueStacks has not yet been released.

BlueStacks have released a promotional video depicting the features of their software which gives us an idea of how the software will function in the Windows environment. The apps appear as tiles in the Metro Style UI and the interface does look quite elegant. The Android apps run smoothly and there is no delay when the application starts. There is also an option to run the apps full-screen or even in the windowed mode as per your preference. Since the software is still in its development stage we might see some more features added later on. One thing is quite clear though, it certainly gives Windows 8 an edge over Appleā€™s iOS.

The software currently is offered as an alpha version for the Windows 7 OS and a beta version is scheduled to release in the coming months. The good news is that the software might come pre-installed in Windows 8 which will allow one to run Android apps to run on Windows platform.

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