Beats Music now available for Android and iOS with Windows coming soon

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beatsmusicstreamingserviceOver the last few months there have been plenty of teasers, as well as a username reservation program for the new Beats Music streaming service.  According to reports, the service is ready to launch in the United States this week and along with that information is the pricing details and what your subscription will get you.  The pricing was rumored to be around $10 per month and that will get you access to more than 20 million tracks.  The official pricing was released today and that includes the $9.99 per month fee, or $119.88 per year for unlimited access.

AT&T and Beats have partnered up to offer a deal to those attached to the network and on the family plan.  The AT&T deal is one that works for up to 5 accounts and that will include the unlimited access to more than 20 million tracks for just $14.99 per month.  With those 5 accounts, users can have up to 10 devices tied to the same access each month.  If you are on a Family Plan with AT&T and want the Beats Music streaming service, you will also be given the first 90 days for free just for signing up.

Beats Music is available on the web through your browser, but you can also get it on Android and iOS powered devices.  A Windows Phone app is planned for the future, but that will not launch until the 24th of this month, so you do not have that long to wait should you want to use the service with your Nokia smartphone.  The Beats Music service allows users to seek out and find new music like most services, but the big difference will be the option for the service to offer playlists from music experts like Rolling Stone, Pitchfork and more.

The service will cater to your music needs for sure, but they will also allow you to play some of the most popular songs via lists created by those that live for music.  Another feature that is built into the app is called Right Now and that is a sentence that users will fill in, much like a status update on Facebook or a tweet via your Twitter account.  Once you complete this sentence, Beats Music will offer up suggestions based on that information.

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