Apple iPhone 6 information starts to trickle online

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iphone6Apple is going to release at least one version of the iPhone 6 this year, but according to one report, there could be two different iPhone 6 models to choose from.  Some rumors indicated that one of the models, the larger one, will not be using the iPhone branding that we have seen since the first iPhone showed up back in 2007.  Other rumors suggest that we are looking to see the new smartphone in the third quarter of this year, as usual and right before the holiday shopping season.

The iPhone 6 is reportedly going to have a larger 4.7-inch display, making it the largest iPhone model on the market to date.  Rumors point to the third quarter release of the smartphone and the delay could be blamed on the company that is developing the new displays.  The new displays, called Sapphire, have been rumored for a year now and just like all of the other iPhone launches from the past, it could be the reason for delays.  Both of the models that could be released will have larger screens than we currently see on the iPhone 5S, according to reports.

One online source claims that Apple is going to release a larger smartphone that has the Sapphire display measuring 5.6-inches.  As mentioned previously, however, Apple is not going to be using the iPhone branding on that model.  The Sapphire displays are going to be made here in the United States and will provide a harder material for protection of the touch screen displays on the iPhone.  The smaller, 4.7-inch model is reportedly going to be using the typical glass from Corning, while the larger model will be testing out he Sapphire for the first time.

The most unusual part of the new, larger model is that Apple might not be calling it an iPhone.  This would be the first time that Apple moves away from the branding since the first iPhone showed up years ago.  Odds are very good that Apple could be going with single words like “Pro” or “Air” to name the new model, but without official confirmation there is nothing to go on there.  It has been rumored for a couple years that Apple might be trying to get into the phablet market and take on the popular Samsung Galaxy Note series of devices, but that remains to be seen.

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