Apple insiders claim iPad Mini 2 will meet supply shortages

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ipadmini2bAs if those that have been buying from Apple are going to be surprised at all, but according to reports, the iPad Mini 2 release could be troubled by supply issues.  The reported release date is still scheduled for the 15th of this month, but if you are not in line or have your name on a pre-order list, you might be waiting a little while in order to get your new tablet.  The reason for the delays are reportedly being blamed on the shortage of Retina displays for the new device.

On the 15th of this month consumers are expecting to see the new iPad Mini 2, iPad 5, MacBook Pro and OS X Mavericks all showcased at the event.  The iPad Mini 2 is going to make use of the Retina display which offers a higher resolution which allows for pixels to be closer together producing a sharper image and high quality video and text on the display.  Initial reports indicate that the second generation will arrive with the new Retina display, but supply issues could be a cause for concern when it comes to getting enough to cover the volume that Apple is expected to push out the door this month.

According to one online source, the supply chain has already confirmed that the release date will be this month and the same source claims that Apple is struggling to meet the demand already.  Partially to blame are the strict guidelines that Apple puts on the new device in order to keep the power consumption down, thus increasing the overall battery life for the device.  Because battery life can be a make it or break it for new devices, Apple has chosen that as a battle worth fighting.

Other companies like LG, Sharp and Samsung have all offered to make the Retina displays for the new iPad Mini, but Apple refused due to the guidelines the company would like to adhere to.  Apple could avoid any supply issues by offering the iPad Mini 2 to consumers in the early part of next year, but that is not likely going to happen as it would mean the company is going to skip the busy holiday shopping season.  Pricing and available colors are also open for confirmation on the iPad Mini 2.  The current model sells for just $379 with 16GB of storage.

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