Android 4.4 KitKat update problems hit Moto G users

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motogJust like with a lot of the updates for iOS and Android, each of them has been plagued by issues small and large.  Most of the time, there is software that does not play nice with the other software that mobile carriers might add to the smartphone.  In the latest round of bugs that new software brought to smartphones, it looks like those with the Moto G are complaining about a few things since they upgraded to the Android 4.4 KitKat software a few weeks ago.  The Moto G is considered the little brother to the Moto X, however the specs are a little nicer according to some users.

The Moto G got the update notification for Android 4.4.2 a few weeks ago and it was actually one of the few smartphones to be upgraded before devices from Samsung, HTC and LG.  The only smartphones currently on the market that were updated faster were those with Nexus branding on them.  Now that many of the Moto G users have seen the update, there are a few issues that might be worth mentioning.  The complaints have been piling up in the Motorola Support Forums over the last week or so and they include issues with dropped calls, losing signal or missing calls completely.

All three of those things are quite important, especially if the Moto G is your only phone source in your home.  There is a reported bug with the SIM card and the dropped calls could be a result of that.  The bug also gives a false “No SIM” notification that cannot be cleared by the user.  There are plenty of users that have been reporting the phone working properly since the update, so this appears to be affecting a small group.

The main regions that the problem seems to be coming from include mostly overseas countries and a few on the MetroPCS and Verizon Wireless networks.  The stories continue to include random airplane mode problems causing users to reboot the phone to get it out of airplane mode and even a couple users complaining that the airplane mode pops up while trying to make a call.  Some users have found that disabling data is a temporary fix, but that has not been officially confirmed.  There are more than 400 posts on the Support Forums regarding the latest issues, now it will be up to Motorola to issue the fix for them.

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