Amazon voice search gets Apple thinking about Siri

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iphone4ssiriSiri is the virtual assistant application that helps millions of iPhone users all over the world with various queries and she is about to make her way to the Apple TV, according to new reports.  Amazon just announced the Fire TV box and along with that comes one of the best voice searches for setup boxes on the market.  Apple is not about to let a company that is not even in the smartphone market walk all over them in the TV setup box market and that is where Siri comes in.

Apple TV is going to be getting an update for the iOS software and according to one user that posted about it online, it will include support for Siri.  The user that posted his findings online, said that there was code found within the update that has to do with Siri.  The code also includes a number 3 which indicates that it is related to the Apple TV.  The numbers 1 or 2 have to do with the iPhone, iPad and iPod family of devices.  The code is one thing and it goes along with reports that Apple has been thinking about adding Siri support to the Apple TV box for some time.

Another online source claims that the same code can be found in the iOS 7.1 and the iOS 7.1.1 software, but it was missing in the check they did on the iOS 7.0.6, giving the impression that Apple recently added the code.  Apple TV has been the center of a couple of other rumors that include the Comcast cable company.  Comcast is reportedly trying to work out a deal with Apple TV and the fact that it will be showing Comcast content exclusively through the Apple TV setup box.

Because Amazon’s Fire TV is set to bring the TV setup box market to its knees according to analyst by adding support for gaming as well, Apple is also reportedly going to be doing the same thing with the Apple TV box.  If that is the case, it could be a big step for Apple as it would finally get that chance to take on the Xbox One and the PS4, both of which pretty much dominate the console gaming community right now.  The next model of the Apple TV is also reportedly coming with a built-in TV tuner which only makes sense at this point in the game.

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