Amazon brings update to Android Appstore

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amazonappstoreAmazon might not be the first place that you look for an application to download and install on your Android device, unless you have a Kindle, but nevertheless, the company has recently updated the Appstore for Android devices.  With the update, Amazon matched the appearance of the Appstore to the brand new Amazon Kindle Fire HDX tablet.  One of the most popular features from Amazon is the “Free app of the Day” and is still a part of the Appstore from Amazon.  With the popular feature, users have been able to get a popular app that might cost you a couple bucks in the Google Play Store, for free that specific day.

Visit the Amazon Appstore

Amazon and Apple were not exactly friends earlier this year the two ended up in court because Apple did not like the use of the word Appstore to describe the place where Amazon customers can get their apps.  The two companies settled outside of court when Apple claimed that if users want to get an app, they know where to go to get one.  Since then, there has been little to note about the Amazon Appstore, so this update is bound to make some waves and cause some chatter around the water cooler.

One of the main reasons that you might use the Appstore through Amazon is if you wanted to check out a paid app for free, or if you want to try new games that you normally would not pay for.  Most of the Android users will easily head over to the Google Play Store for apps, but those that have a Kindle device are likely to be directed to the Amazon Appstore first.  Screenshots and more images have been posted online showing all of the new changes that the company brought to the app.

Amazon has yet to bring a smartphone to the marketplace making tablets their mobile device of choice.  Amazon was rumored to be working on a smartphone again and might even offer it for free to those that have an Amazon Prime Membership, but after a couple rumors months ago, nothing has been said since then.  Instead, Amazon has refreshed its Kindle line of tablets and that includes the new Kindle Fire HDX, which is likely to be a very hot seller throughout the holiday shopping season.  The HDX can be purchased right now on the website for just $230 and that is for 16GB of internal memory.

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