Redesigned iPhone coming in Fall of 2012

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Boy Genius Report has gathered a bunch of information regarding the new iPhone, what features it will have and when it will be for sale to the public.  The web site reported that the launch date will be in the Fall part of 2012 and the exact date will be determined at a later time, but some say it will likely be around the same time the iPhone 4S launched this year, which puts that at around the first couple weeks of October.  Other information like the fact that they new case will have a rubber material built into it, similar to the bumper cases from Apple, has not been confirmed one way or another as of yet.

The new rubberized case will serve two purposes as it holds the front glass in place and joins up with the aluminum back side of the phone.  The case will also cover the new antenna system that surrounds the frame of the phone.  This will allow the phone to have the aluminum back and the company shouldn’t hear complaints about reception like the first time around back in 2007.  Recent reports said the new iPhone, which will likely be called the iPhone 5, will feature the same type of aluminum case found on the iPad 2.

Many fans of the iPhone 5 from Apple are skeptical about the feature list, since it is never announced early from the company.  Features like the display being about 4 inches is likely to be pretty close since more of the higher end smartphones are running in the 4 to 4.5-inch range these days.  Apple rumors fly around at a high rate of speed on the Web and it takes time to sort through all of them to find the truth since Apple hardly ever gives up details before launch time.

All of this information comes after a report from Apple that mentioned launching an iPhone that is 4G LTE enabled in 2012.  Apple iPhone users waited most of the year in 2011 for a new iPhone and really hoped it would have been the new iPhone 5, only to be somewhat disappointed that Apple decided to launch the iPhone 4S.  The iPhone 4S launch was seemingly to give those that wanted to upgrade, a chance to get a new iPhone instead of going with another smartphone option.

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