Polls show Kindle Fire topping lists of holiday shoppers

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Holiday shopping season is on the horizon and according to news reports tablets are going to be a hot seller.  The big question will be what tablet people are going to be buying.  With so many options from low end Android tablets all the way up to the iPad 2.  A poll put out by Retrevo shows that the Amazon Kindle Fire just might beat out the iPad sales.  Over 31 percent of those that responded said they will not be buying a tablet this holiday season or had no interest in buying one.

That means that 69 percent of the remaining people polled said they would buy a tablet or were willing to learn more about the tablet market.  In addition to those numbers, about 44 percent said they would consider a smaller tablet, like the Amazon Kindle Fire, but 12 percent of them said they will not consider anything buy the iPad.  The Amazon Kindle Fire is sitting in the right place for an explosive holiday shopping season.  Customers want something affordable and if the Kindle Fire fits the bill, they will be buying one.

Some question whether or not the size of the tablet matter in a situation like this.  The seven inch tablet is a typical size in the tablet market, but is the seven inchers more popular than the ten inch tablets?  More tablets are coming to market with 7 inch screens and the prices are coming down every quarter.  Amazon has the Kindle Fire and Barnes and Noble has the Nook Tablet which is very similar tablets in most respects.  The popularity is rising and the main reason is the price, no matter what report comes out.

There are plenty of rumors as to what tablets might be on the shelves after the Kindle Fire and the Nook Tablet, but for now the $199 Kindle Fire looks to be the hot product for this holiday season.  Since the price is so reasonable, the Kindle Fire just might end up being the tablet of choice in a multi-tablet home.  Some wonder if the iPad is just too much for families that are watching every dollar they spend.  With a tablet priced at $199, there is less tension and resistance on the purchase, which is a big winning situation for Amazon.

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