Older HTC One and One Max getting certified for Sense 6 update

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htconeThe HTC One from this year is going to have the Sense 6 software already installed on it when you take it out of the box, but that has left plenty of questions for what might be coming for the older HTC One and HTC One Max from last year.  Judging by the age of the devices, the hardware should be plenty good enough to take the update, so it is just a matter of when HTC is going to get it sent out to users that own the devices.

HTC refreshed the software updates page on the website to include the Sense 6 software for the HTC One from last year.  Most models have entered into the “integration” stage of the upgrade process and that was earlier this month.  With almost three weeks passed, most of the devices on the list are now further into the process of getting Sense 6.  According to the Updates page, the HTC One (M7) in the United States and Canada are now in the “Certification” stage of the process for the upgrade to the Sense 6 user interface.

The models that are listed in that way include the AT&T, Verizon unlocked, Sprint and a bunch of mobile carriers in Canada.  The HTC One Max models found on the Sprint and Verizon Wireless networks have also been moved into the Certification process part of the Sense 6 upgrade.  A few months ago, it was not clear whether the older devices would be getting updated passed Sense 5 or 5.5, but now the information is more clear and that is thanks to the new Updates page that HTC has installed on its website since missing an update back in September of last year.

According to the HTC Updates page, the process has five levels to complete before you see the actual updated software.  The levels include Evaluation, Development, Integration, Certification and Push to Customer.  That leaves little to be wondering about if you are holding an HTC device that could be getting an update.  Before the site was developed, users had to rely on Twitter accounts and the lack of help from customer service to find out when the updates were coming for each and every device.  Now it is much clearer to the consumer and that is the way HTC wants it.

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