Nokia Lumia 900 4G survives torture test… almost!

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For a time, the Nokia Lumia 900 was the flagship device of Nokia in the Windows Phone ecosystem. However, the handset could very well be on its way out now and head out to retirement. After all, its successor, the Nokia Lumia 920 has already been unveiled by the Finnish smartphone manufacturer a couple of days back. Though this might be the case, the Nokia Lumia 900 still has a couple of tricks up its sleeve that will make you think twice in packing in the handset.

As it stands, the Nokia Lumia 900 was put through a series of tests – real world, torture tests if you may, to prove its toughness. Come to think of it, today’s lot of smartphones have generally become so skinny that it doesn’t take much pressure to break them in two. The Nokia Lumia 900 however refuses to die immediately and puts up a good fight and plows through everything that is being thrown at it. Read on for the series of torture tests that the handset had to go through.

The first test that the Nokia Lumia 900 came up against was to check its capability to withstand freezing temperatures. The handset was placed in a freezer where it was left for two hours. The result – the Nokia Lumia 900 came out with icicles on its display but it survived the cold was still working fine after being left in the freezer for a whole two hours.

The second test involved the Nokia Lumia 900 having to withstand extreme heat. To recreate this, an oven was preheated to 200 degrees Fahrenheit and the handset was popped into the oven along with a batch of chocolate chip cookies. After an hour, the cookies were already nicely done but the Nokia Lumia 900 4G did not turn on at first. However, after the handset cooled down, the handset managed to turn on and everything was again back in business.

The third test that the Nokia Lumia 900 4G went up against was the hammer and nail test. The hammer was used to drive a nail into the screen of the handset but the Gorilla Glass display of the device took all the brunt and survived without even getting scratched. Next up, the handset was used to drive a nail, a couple of them actually, through a piece of plywood. Unsurprisingly, the handset again did not get any scratches at all.

Another test the handset went through is the drop test were the Nokia Lumia 900 4G was placed on the roof of a car before it drove away. Two out of three times, the handset fell to the pavement but aside from the obvious hits the handset took along with the scratches that came with the fall and tumble, the Nokia Lumia 900 4G still survived this test. Unbelievable toughness, if I may say.

The last test that the Nokia Lumia 900 4G had to go through was immersion in a swimming pool. Again, a real world scenario where you jump into a pool with your phone in your pocket. With this, the Nokia Lumia 900 4G finally met its match and was did in by old H20. Though this might be the case, this is still a testament to the toughness of the handset – an attribute that will make you think twice of letting go of the handset that easily.

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2 Responses

  1. My lumia 900 fell out of my pocket today and the top left corner completely shattered and is starting to spider web its way to the rest of the screen.
    I love this phone but am disappointed. This phone may be able to be hit with a hammer and nail but be warned if it falls out of your pocket it will break.

  2. My 8 month old knocked mine out my hand and it hit the cement on its corner and the screen cracked.. then I dropped it and the whole screen fell out the phone only connected by the strip of wires that powers the screen.. it still works just cant get the screen to pop in 100% top right side by the volume buttons doesnt wanna get in and every time i drop it, the screen pops out again. I love my phone, but I’ve had a pantech link that I drove over and never broke…

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