Nokia looking at Windows 8 and tablets

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Nokia is currently considering an entry into the global tablet market with Windows 8 as the chosen platform for the devices as the Finnish phone manufacturer continues its attempts to stage a comeback in the mobile market, even as the recent launch of its Lumia phone faces delays in the US. The first Windows Phone 7 based smartphone that it has manufactured was also recently unveiled by the company as it looks to make up for lost ground to its rivals such as Apple’s iPhone and the smartphone makers which use Android OS.

It has been announced that the Lumia range of phones will be available in Asia and Europe sometime later during this year; however the launches may well be delayed in the US market where the phones could take till as late as early next year to be launched.

Stephen Elop, the CEO of the company, stated during an interview that the Lumia range of phones is a part of a much larger line of smartphone and launches for the next year. The US launch has been held up due to carrier negotiations, said Elop. However, other factors like the shoring up of supply lines and factories, along with providing a boost for the services and technologies that the customers in the US demand, may also have led to the delay for the US market. However, in spite of the delays, Nokia is still moving on with its efforts of providing a premium experience for the users.

The new devices may get some attention due to the company’s strengths in innovating with its hardware; however it is also looking at the upcoming Windows 8 platform from Microsoft as an opportunity for creating a mobile experience for its consumers which is both distinctive and connected and there is also a possibility that it will be expanded into tablets.

The Windows 8 platform is all set for being used in Nokia’s upcoming tablets and PCs, offering the users a great integration between mobile devices and desktops. These possibilities for the future course of the company were hinted at by Elop who suggested that Nokia might expand its business beyond just smartphones. He said that the company is looking at a bigger opportunity here, comparing the Windows 8 user experience to that of the Lumia which was demonstrated at the launch.

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