HTC Windows Phone 8X Gets Free Offline Sat Navigation

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htcwp8xThe developers of CoPilot GPS navigational software are extremely happy with their global popularity across multiple mobile operating systems. Their navigational software, which is also usable offline, built for mobile handsets and mobile PCs has been downloaded more than 4.5 million times on both Apple and Google operating systems. They can now add Windows powered mobile phones to the list of devices which can exploit their industry-leading GPS technologies. A free online and offline satellite navigation tool, CoPilot GPS is now available for the HTC Windows Phone 8X.

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There are probably hundreds of GPS navigation applications available for smartphones. However, CoPilot offers a little different user interface that has proven very popular. You can also choose a free offline map for any single country, and a free 14 day trial period is now available for Windows Phone 8 smartphones like the HTC Windows Phone 8X. Voice guided turn by turn instruction is supported, and for a slight upgrade you can receive the total CoPilot GPS experience.

The HTC Windows Phone 8X can currently be purchased for around $49 on contract in the United States, and is available from online retailers like Amazon. The offline maps are easy to navigate and understand, and even powerful route planning tools allow you to explore areas where you have never been before. This application is great for tourists and travelers who are in unfamiliar settings, as well as hikers, campers and other outdoorsmen.

Points of interest and other locations on maps are very detailed, and upgraded frequently. Walking routes are displayed as well as driving routes, and David Quin, head of consumer applications at ALK Technologies (the creators of CoPilot) says that “CoPilot is designed for use offline, providing guidance even when there’s no mobile connection.” 3-D car navigation and full voice-guided support is free for your first 14 day trial, as is the CoPilot real-time traffic service, ActiveTraffic.

If you enjoy the experience on your HTC Windows Phone 8X, after 14 days you can continue the service as is, or upgrade to unlimited voice-guided, turn by turn navigation through a purchase directly in the app. Free CoPilot features for your Windows Phone 8X include high-quality street maps stored on your phone that you can also use offline, trip planning features, drag-and-drop route editing and a very unique itinerary planner which allows you to calculate the best possible way to reach all your desired activities in the timeliest manner. The 4.30 inch True HD display on the HTC Windows Phone 8X provides an excellent backdrop for CoPilot.

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