HTC M8 shows up in photos leaked online

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HTCM8It might seem like the new headlines have been hitting on the new smartphone from HTC a lot, but really it has been all about the speculation and rumors surrounding the device.  There is plenty of reasons to believe that the handset is going to come with a large display and fast processor, but this week was the first time that the HTC M8 showed up in leaked images posted online.  The HTC M8 is expected to hit the market this year sometime and replace the very popular HTC One that launched early last year.

The HTC One, Silver is available for a reduced sale price now starting at $0.01 – $559.99.

The image, which popped up via Twitter like usual, shows the back side of the device and there is at least one feature that might be worth talking about.  HTCFamily leaked the image that appears to show that the HTC  M8 is coming with not one, but two cameras on the back side of the device.  At least that is what the image looks like, as you can clearly see two black spots on the top end of the device next to what looks like a spot for two LED flashes.  It is hard to say that the second port is actually another camera when it could be one other feature.

Apple brought a new feature to the mobile market last year with the fingerprint scanner and there are some sources that claim the second “camera” could be the fingerprint scanner for the HTC M8.  HTC has reportedly been working on better camera hardware and software for both cameras on the new device, so you just never know what the company might have in store for consumers.  The second hole could be another camera sensor to help take better photos, but HTC already has the 4MP UltraPixel sensor that takes very good pictures to begin with.

The HTC M8 is just a code name and is likely to be changed once the smartphone hits the market, but the actual name has not been announced.  It could be the HTC One Two, or the HTC One+ according to some sources.  According to one source, the second “camera” is a photoshop project and in fact will not be on the final model.  Instead, the same source claims that HTC ditched the smaller webcam sensor for a huge 5MP version which would be the best front facing camera on the market by far.

The HTC One, Silver is available for a reduced sale price now starting at $0.01 – $559.99.

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